What to do in Windows 95 after configuring Samba

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Subject: What to do in Windows 95 after configuring Samba

> Hello,
> I'm new to Samba so sorry for this trivial question. I've configured my
> smb.conf with all the shares and enabled WINS support. I wanted to know
> do I have to configure in my windows 95 machine. My LAN setup is - one
> Red Hat 6.0 machine Pentium 166 and a windows 95 machine a 486. I've made
> Linux m/c the proxy server using Squid. Also whenever I boot my Win m/c it
> just shows me the windows login dialog box and it doesn't show a network
> dialog box. Why? I installed Lin Neighborhood and I can see my Linux m/c
> not my Win m/c. I did give the WINS address in my win m/c as the IP of my
> Linux m/c but when ever I try to browse th network throuhg network
> neighborhood it gives an error msg saying can't browse network. Can
> help?

You must configure you win95 box exactly like you would with Windows NT. In
your smb.conf file you should set

# Browser Control Options:
    local master = yes

# OS Level (For Election)
    os level = 65 (will win no matter what, default : 32.

# Domain Master Browser.
   domain master = yes

# Preferred Master
   preferred master = yes

# Domain logon server for Windows95/98 workstations.
   domain logons = yes

Look in the man pages for a description of these field. (the last one
(domain logons) is the one you are interrested in, the other is to make you
machine the master browser).
There are other option such as storing profiles on you samba server (slow
and not useful
in a network consisting of only one Windows Client).


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