Blank page after each job from W95

Michael James michael.james at
Mon Aug 23 06:15:42 GMT 1999

Dear Mark,

> Whenever I send a print job from a W95 client to a raw printer on my Linux
> box, I get a blank page automatically. When I print directly from Linux this
> does not occur. I have seen more subscribers mentioning this problem, but
> never did I see a solution for this. Can somebody help me out?

Behaviour like this can be caused by
 the HP postscript drivers default behaviour of
 sending a ^D before each job.

If there are only a few clients the easy way out is to turn it off.

Choose Start > Settings > Printers
Right click on the printer and choose properties.
Click the postscript tab then "Advanced"
Untick "Send CTRL-D before job"
Leave "Send CTRL-D after job" unticked.

I don't know the PCL driver behaviour but
 if the printer is using PCL drivers
 try looking for something similar.

If you have too many clients to assume that all will be well configured
 you will have to filter the ^Ds out,
 see a posting of mine from 30/6/99
 Subject: "Filtering ^D and PCL headers in samba print jobs under Solaris"


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