newbie needs help

Erik Klepper eklepper at
Sun Aug 22 21:37:42 GMT 1999

Hi everyone, let me start with an apology for what may turn out to be my
own ignorance. I'm new to samba, and relatively new to linux, so please
be gentle. :)

I am currently having a problem seeing the shares on my samba server. i
am running 2.0.3 on linuxppc 1999 on a Macintosh G3 266.  My Win95 OSR-2
486 can see the server, but cannot access the shares.  when i attempt to
connect with smbclient, i get the message: "session request failed"  I
have read through the 'diagnosis' file and tried everything in there,
but to no avail.  I examined the log.smb and came up with this, but
unfortunately I have no real knowledge of what this means:

[1999/08/22 16:11:13, 0] locking/shmem.c:smb_shm_open(930)
ERROR smb_shm_open : mmap failed with code Invalid argument
[1999/08/22 16:11:13, 0] locking/locking.c:locking_init(169)
ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes!

I guess at this point I'm wondering if this has to do with linuxppc,
which can be buggy at times.  If not, I'm curious about the possibility
of needing to recompile from the source, if anyone thinks this will

Again, I'm really sorry if this is blatantly obvious to all of you, but
I would appreciate any help that you can give.


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