Problems with ACL-Support

Bj=F6rn?= Petersen robbe-berking at
Wed Aug 18 09:17:58 GMT 1999

Hi everybody,

we are using samba-2.0.5a on a Pentium-machine with linux-kernel 2.2.5  =
(from SuSE).

We have several Win95/Win98-Clients installed with the nexus-tools from =

If we try to access the acl's from Win95/Win98 we get an error-message =
"the remote-procedure-call failed" (translated from german).

We cannot test the acl-support from WinNT, because we have no =

Has anybody an idea what's wrong or can samba not handle with the =



smb.conf follows:

   workgroup =3D DV
   netbios name =3D nawarnt
   server string =3D Samba-Server  Version %v
   guest account =3D nobody
   name resolve order =3D wins bcast
   dns proxy =3D no
   security =3D user
   encrypt passwords =3D yes
   username level =3D 8
   password level =3D 8
   allow hosts =3D
   admin users =3D ...
   nt acl support =3D yes
   socket options =3D TCP_NODELY
   interfaces =3D
   bind interfaces only =3D yes
   printing =3D bsd
   printcap name =3D /etc/printcap
   os level =3D 6
   wins support =3D yes
   wins proxy =3D yes
   local master =3D yes
   domain logons =3D yes
   domain master =3D yes
   preferred master =3D yes
   time server =3D yes
   default service =3D reference
   mangle case =3D yes
   mangled names =3D yes
   default case =3D lower
   case sensitive =3D no
   preserve case =3D yes
   short preserve case =3D no

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