Help needed using Samba over SSH (DOS works, Win9x doesn't)

Rob Ginn rob at
Mon Aug 16 22:33:27 GMT 1999

thanks for the info.

>So, you're doubleclicking on a file and getting the error?  When I do
>that, that process just hangs.  On the other hand, if I right-click on the
Mine hangs too, but if you wait about 60 secs, it un-freezes.  That's
when you get the path error message from windows.

>I've defined entries in my local lmhosts file for => my samba
>hosts.  This in itself is odd, as I don't think you're supposed to have
>more than one Netbios name attached to a given ip address.  I suppose it
it doesn't matter since it only looks it up one way

>> Or, worst case, does anyone know what the specific requests (packets
>> sent) made by DOS programs vs the ones made by Win9x programs.
>Uh, maybe we're talking about different problems.  I'm talking about the
>ability to double-click on a registered file type.  Are you talking about
>the method of mounting a share?
No, I am proposing a method of locating the problem based on DOS and
Win9x GUI differences and asking for jumpstart info.  My problem
also shows up if I go into a windows program, select open on the menu,
and try to open a file on the Samba mount.  Don't you also have that
problem?  My take on your work-around with the send-to was that you
were copying the file to a local version and then running the app
on it.  Am I missing something?

Since it works 100% from a DOS window, but it doesn't from the GUI,
it is clear that Win32 programs make different calls to open files.
(This is verifyed by fopen() vs winopen() and Samba logs).  So, if
I can determine which specific SMB request is failing, I can figure
out a work-around.  Note that I am assuming that it _is_ a failed
request which Win9x makes but that DOS does not make and not some
bizzare threading problem in Win9x (as has been proposed elsewhere).
For example, if someone said that Win9x GUI open calls make a UDP
request, I'd know that was the problem right off and could get/write
a UDP forwarder.  Otherwise, I'll add debugging code to each of the
involved calls and see which one is getting messed up.  Right now,
I'm testing the UDP theory.

>> Thanks in advance,
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