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Ian Zimmerman itz at
Mon Aug 16 22:25:37 GMT 1999

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to comp.protocols.smb as well.

Dan> Do you have encrypted passwords enabled in Samba?  

Weapon X wrote in message <7ovacn$3bf$2 at>...

Weapon> Hey, I've been working at this thing for days. I've managed to
Weapon> get my Linux box in my Network Neighborhood and it looks like
Weapon> I set up Samba and the Samba shares just fine (as per the
Weapon> Samba documents that I have printed up).

Weapon> But when I go to access the shares from my NT box, the login
Weapon> screen comes up, I punch in my login info and it says: sorry
Weapon> not authorized to login in from this machine. (But I can
Weapon> Telnet and FTP into my Linux box just fine) Again I read all
Weapon> the Samba docs, but they don't seem to be any help.

Weapon> Can anyone help me? Do you need more info?

I believe I have the same problem, moreover from looking at this
newsgroup for the first time it seems to be a bit of a FAQ.  I
wouldn't bother the group before trying to apply the proposed
solution, but ... my server is not Linux but Solaris 2.5, and I can't
see libdes.a anywhere.  There's libcrypt.a, can it be used instead?
If yes, why isn't it enabled in the Makefile by default for this

Finally a meta question: what is the relationship between the
newsgroup and the mailing list, samba at  Is there an
automatic forward in either way?  Which is the better place to post
Samba specific questions (I'd expect the newsgroup to be more general
in scope, covering eg. the Windows implementations of SMB).

I hope I can be forgiven for posting in both places this one time.

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