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Mon Aug 16 10:14:58 GMT 1999

On 1999-08-13 15:10:47 +1000, Benjamin Suto wrote:

> We're using Samba, and it's working very well, however I'm interested in
> finding out what approaches would work for having some sort of
> redundancies in place in case the main server crashes.  Is there anything
> in place for Samba in order to have some sort of backup in place in case
> the main server crashes.

We have Samba running under HP's MC/ServiceGuard. 2 Machines have
physical access to the same disks. When one machine fails, the other
will mount the filesystems, aquire the IP address, and start nmbd with
the appropriate config file (smbd is started via inetd, and uses %L
determine its "personality").

Clients will then (re-)connect to the other machine, and theoretically not
detect any difference. In reality, Win95 doesn't handle the reconnection
not as transparently as it should, so the clients will notice it.

The good thing about this is that you always have current data, the bad
thing is that you must view the 2 machines as one system and for every
change one one machine think about possible consequences at the other


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