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> I can think of 2 problems.
> 1. JD's only take one session. so when your Win boxes try to get a queue
> list (by asking Samba and samba doing an 'lpd') the win machine will hang
> since the lpd request will not be answered by the JD until it is done with
> it's current printjob.
> Solution: in smb.conf change the lpq command to 'echo "No Entries
> Available"' this unfortunately is a limitation of JD's
> 2. If you JD's respond after being reset (i.e. pulling the plug on EX's)
> then look over your Unix printing system. Something is amiss and it is not
> handling time-outs from the JD correctly (i.e. back to the above problem.
> lpd sends a printjob the JD is busy with that and then lpd gets another
> print job from another queue to that JD and tries to print and gets no
> response from the JD due to it being involved in the other printjob)

I used to have this problem when printing to HP printers with jetdirect cards.
What solved it was switching to printing to port 9100 on them rather than the normal
unix remote printing setup.

There is a good package called cti-ifhp which is a pinter filter for HP Laserjets which
is quite handy too.


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