smbmount doesn't work

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Wed Apr 28 01:34:23 GMT 1999

B. James Phillippe enscribed thusly:
> Hi,

> Thanks for answering my question on the new smbmount not working.  I tried
> all variety of combinations on the commands you suggested, but they all
> simply do this:

> % smbmount -c //server/share 'mount /mnt/samba-share -n CLIENT -U user'
> Usage: smbmount service <password> [-p port] [-d debuglevel] [-l log] 
> Version 2.0.3
>         -p port               connect to the specified port
>         -d debuglevel         set the debuglevel
>         -l log basename.      Basename for log/debug files
>         -n netbios name.      Use this name as my netbios name
>         -N                    don't ask for a password
>         -m max protocol       set the max protocol level
>         -I dest IP            use this IP to connect to
>         -E                    write messages to stderr instead of stdout
>         -U username           set the network username
>         -W workgroup          set the workgroup name
>         -c command string     execute semicolon separated commands
>         -t terminal code      terminal i/o code {sjis|euc|jis7|jis8|junet|hex}
>         -D directory          start from directory

> Perhaps there is something else I need to do?

> Again, the old smbmount works perfectly every time with:

> smbmount //server/share /mnt/samba-share -c CLIENT -U user -P passwd \
> 	-u nobody -g nobody -f 666 -d 777

	The new command syntax would be as follows:

smbmount //server/share passwd -U passwd -n CLIENT \
	-c "mount /mnt/samba-share -u nobody -g nobody -f 666 -d 777"

	The quotes are significant!  It won't work without them!

> thanks,
> -bp
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