authenticating against an NT domain in other software

Darxus darxus at Op.Net
Tue Apr 27 16:53:47 GMT 1999

There is a program called VNC (virtual network computing -- which is basically an opensourced
cross-platform replacement for pc anywhere type software.  It's excellent.
But it's authentication is lacking.  It asks for a single password, and
has no support for usernames (at least none that is useful to me).  

VNC is distributed under the GPL.

Sanba has the ability to authenticate against a windows NT domain, and is
also distributed under the GPL.

Last night I downloaded the source to samba, and started looking around.
I obviously have no idea what I'm doing.  I believe I found the stuff I
need, but have no clue what to do with it.

I believe that there would be many uses for an opensourced, well
documented library specifically to do authentication against an NT domain.
Maybe this already exists, but I figure it would have been used in samba
if it did.

So basically what I'm asking is, can the bits used to authenticate against
an NT domain bedocumented thoroughly ?  Maybe even packaged 
independantly ?

And if you feel like merging the code into VNC, I certainly wouldn't
object :)   (it is the windows version I'm interested in)

This capability may be the factor which decides wheither or not my
co-workers and I will continue to be allowed to use VNC.
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