An even more strange win95 browsing problem

Hongwei Li hongwei at
Tue Apr 27 17:00:08 GMT 1999


I posted a few messages a couple of days ago about a strange windows 95
browsing problem with samba-2.0.2, 1.9.17p4 that none of our Windows 95
users can see our Linux shares, but all NT users can see the Linux
shares, and all 95 and NT users can see AIX shares.  All of our Linux
and AIX use the save version of samba (I tested 2.0.2 and 1.9.17p4).

Yesterday, I tried to down grade the version -- installed samba-1.9.16p9
on all of AIX and Linux systems.  Then, I found that all NT users can
still all unix shares, but only some of win 95 users can see all
shares.  Other win 95 users still can not see the Linux shares (they can
see AIX shares as before).  I compared two Win 95 machines, say called
95-1 and 95-2.  On 95-1 users can see all shares, on 95-2 users can see
only AIX shares.  I click the "Network Neighborhood" icon, it shows the
AIX and Linux box's names on both 95-1 and 95-2.  However, when I
right-click the Linux box's name, I got the following strange results:

On 95-1 where users can see all shares, I got a reasonable showing:

Comment:                Samba 1.9.16p9
Workgroup:            wumdnet (this is our domain name)
User Logged on:     msnet
Type:                      Microsoft Windows NT

On 95-2 (and all other win 95 machines where users can not see the Linux
shares) I got a strange result:

Comment:                NEUROLOGY
Workgroup:             SLEEP
Type:                       Microsoft Networking file and print

I don't understand what "NEUROLOGY" and "SLEEP" mean.  We don't have
such a group/subnet/software.  If I right-click the name of AIX system
on 95-2, I got the same result as I got on 95-1, i.e. the correct
result.  That is probably why 95-2 users can not see the Linux box, but
can see AIX shares.   I reboot the machines (Linux, win 95), restart
samba, etc., but no difference.

Can somebody give me any clue?  I appreciate all help!

Hongwei Li

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