linux-2.2.5 + smbd-2.0.3 + smbmount-2.0.x

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Sat Apr 10 14:19:34 GMT 1999

Alvin Oga enscribed thusly:

> hi ya samba-gurus..

> I'm currently using Linux-2.0.35 to backup NT boxes...

> linux-2.0.35 + smbmount-2.0.1 works find for things like

> smbmount //NT/C /NT_mnt ...etc...
> find /NT_mnt -mtime -1 | tar zcvf /backup/foo.tgz -T -

> but it fails miserabley on linux-2.2.5 w/ smbmount-2.0.x w/ smbd-2.0.3
> 	( smbmount from smbfs and samba-2.0.3 )

	Won't work...  Please check the "Changes" file in the linux-2.2.5
source tree.  The jist of it is that you need the smbmount from samba,
not the smbmount from smbfs, to work with linux-2.2.5.  This is intentional.
There were some major changes in the smbfs interface to allow for disconnects
and reconnects by a daemon process (provided by the newer smbmount from

	Note too...  The syntax for smbmount changes when you switch to the
new version.  You can pick up a script that will front end to both versions
of smbmount, and do parameter translation, from my site at:


	The html page is a little out of date, since I'm now a member of
the samba team and maintaining this beast...  /:-/

	Also...  Be sure you do NOT compile your kernel with the WIN95
bug workaround (or your timestamps on the files are royally screwed).
If you are accessing WIN95 shares, you can switch the bug workaround
at run-time, but only if you have NOT compiled it in...

> have fun linuxing...
> alvin

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