linux-2.2.5 + smbd-2.0.3 + smbmount-2.0.x

Alvin Oga alvin at
Sat Apr 10 00:36:43 GMT 1999

hi ya samba-gurus..

I'm currently using Linux-2.0.35 to backup NT boxes...

linux-2.0.35 + smbmount-2.0.1 works find for things like

smbmount //NT/C /NT_mnt ...etc...
find /NT_mnt -mtime -1 | tar zcvf /backup/foo.tgz -T -

but it fails miserabley on linux-2.2.5 w/ smbmount-2.0.x w/ smbd-2.0.3
	( smbmount from smbfs and samba-2.0.3 )

- some linux programs will change all your time stamps on the NT box...
        ( the last modified or creation time stamps are NOT compatible )
        ( the last accessed time stamps is fine...

        - it makes a mess of your CVS on NTs ( nope, something I inherited )...

commands that works.
        tar cvf ... /NT_mnt/
        ls -laR  /NT_mnt
        touch -a /NT_mnt/*

commands that fails... ( changes the timestamps on NT's )
        tar zcvf ... /NT_mnt
        touch [-m] /NT_mnt

Is there some patches I can apply to fix this timestamp problem ??

have fun linuxing...

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