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	I've been toying with the idea of using the Linux machine as a print 
server.  I'm using RedHat 5.2 and Samba 2.0.3.  I already have one remote 
printer share working...  but I can't figure out where the PrintTool in 
RedHat is storing the remote printers IP address.  Anyone know where? :)  
(not important just bugging me - I hate when OS's hide stuff)

	I have the Samba book (which is a very excellent guide) but I've 
noticed it skims lightly on printers.  Can someone give some pointers on 
what method to use.  For example, using only one directory for all print 
files, use a different printcap, define my own printcap instead of 
printtool's printcap, auto install of printer drivers...

	I've noticed one problem with the 2.0.3 version, where the print 
driver option doesnt seem to working.  I tested it at home on the older 
samba version and it works.  When I click on the share here I get asked to 
add a printer, and to configure it, even to select the brand and model - 
something which the printer driver option should have already recognized 
and used the driver that was already installed.

	The network printers here use a pocket print server that is being 
flashed to use TCPIP.  They will now have an IP address assigned to them 
(they were previously configed for Vines).  I was looking at a printcap 
example and saw the rp=raw and rm=IPAddress options added.  I am assuming 
that the rm is the remote printers IP address and it wants the data as raw.

	Any ideas or examples would greatly be appreciated.



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