SWAT won't run

Roman Blöth bloeth at gosub.de
Tue Apr 6 11:18:21 GMT 1999

Dear SAMBA users,

I finally managed to install the libc.so.5 and now the compile for SAMBA 2.0.3 took a bit longer than before ;).

But another problem still remains: Here in our network (Win95-clients) I'm the only one who can login to samba with my username and password - all the other people - be it using my name/password or their own ones - can not login anymore.

Furthermore SWAT won't run. I put the right lines into the init files, but anyway also when I try to invoke swat from the command line (/usr/local/samba/bin/swat 901/tcp&) as root it stops immediately. So I can't get any swat here on any browser - even not from the server itself.

testparms says that everything is o.k. - it uses just the same smb.conf I used before. With smbclient I also manage to login to samba as any user - even if these users can't login from their windows machines.

Any hint on how I could test swat itself or how I can get swat to run?

Best regards,

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