x filemanager (SAMBA digest 1819)

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at ensco.com
Tue Sep 22 22:30:44 GMT 1998

When the world was young, Joshua Pincus carved some runes like this:

> I've got two questions, and I'll list them in order of importance.  (1) Is
> there a way, or is there any research/development going into unearthing a
> way, to mount a samba filesystem like any other filesystem under UNIX?
> And (2), does anyone know of a good X filemanager?  What I would really
> like to do is be able to mount a Samba directory or resource and treat it
> like any other directory.  That way, I could get away from the FTP-like
> interface and be able to browse it with a graphical filemanager.


1) There's no need for research; try the smbmount command.

   [arnold at rama]# smbmount "//win_machine_name/shared_dir" /mnt

To get a list of available shares on a particular machine, try the 
smbclient command:

   [arnold at rama]# smbclient -L win_machine_name

The smbmount/smbumount commands are installed by default with 
RedHat, but I don't think they are installed with the regular samba 
stuff (better check this one).

2) Both xfm and the tk version of Midnight Commander work pretty 
well.  There's also the two desktop projects (KDE and Gnome).  I 
haven't tried either of the latter yet.  KDE is partially based on 
a non-free library (while Gnome is entirely GPL'd), but it's a 
little more mature than Gnome right now.

Later, Steve

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