strange _spawnl() and system() behavior with VC++ Pro 5.0

Chad Campbell chad at
Tue Sep 22 19:33:19 GMT 1998

I'm having a problem using _spawnl and system to run processes on a
network drive.  If my program runs something like
system("unzip -l"), unzip actually looks for
in the root
of the drive rather than the current directory, although the current
as returned by _getcwd() and GetCurrentDirectory() are correct.  I've
getting the current directory and setting it with SetCurrentDirectory to
avail.  This occurs with WinNT commands like dir and type as well.  Dir
works correctly, but if it is piped to a file, the file is stored in the
directory.  Type has the same problem with opening files that unzip has.
This doesn't occur if I try it on a local drive. My network drive is
mounted to
a Solaris 2.6 box using Samba.  Can anyone let me know what might be



Chad Campbell
Software Engineer, Innovision Corporation
chad at, (913)226-8700

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