Again - backup WINS server?

Matthew Geier matthew at
Wed Sep 23 01:15:07 GMT 1998

> From: "Bill Eldridge" <bill at>
> To: <samba at>
> Subject: Again - backup WINS server?
> Message-ID: <012e01bde5c5$a745f620$19001eac at>
> Is there any way to set up a backup WINS
> specification in dhcp/Win NT/Samba?
> Having my WINS server go down the last
> few days made this a little more desirable,
> especially since when I noticed the service
> was dead, I wasn't able to reboot it for a few
> hours due to usage.

 If nmbd dies, you dont need to reboot the entire server. Just restart
 My network manages to randomly kill nmbd (I think there might be a bug
in the browse list exchange part), and when I get a call about it, (ie
people cant login) we just restart the nmbd program. The users already
connected are none the wiser.

 This is actually one of the things I like about running a Unix/Samba server,
when one service dies, the entire system doesnt have to be taken down to fix
it. (Well most of the time anyway). My server rarely gets rebooted, and then
usually only after installing Solaris kernel patches.

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