Samba and NIS

Christopher Kranz clk at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Sep 21 11:14:47 GMT 1998

Neil Robertson wrote:
> It is possible to connect to the Sun from NT and Windows 95 without any
> problems.  However, it seems that Samba is not validating the user
> account from the yp passwd maps.  Each user connects as user 'nobody'
> using the guest account as defined in the smb.conf configuration file
> and, consequently, only has read-only permissions even though their home
> directory has been auto mounted correctly.  User names are the same for
> Windows95/NT as those for Unix.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong and how I
> can get Samba to access the NIS maps?

It would appear as if all your logins are being authenticated as your
guest account.  You probably need to set "public = no" for your "homes"
share.  Also, see the entries in the manual page for smb.conf for
"encrypt passwords" and "update encrypted".

You did not say which versions of NT and Win95 you were running but if
they are fairly recent (i.e. SP3 and OSR2) you will either have to use
encrypted passwords or hack all your client registries to use plain text
passwords.  See the following files in the docs directory for more
information:  WinNT.txt, Win95.txt, and ENCRYPTION.txt.

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