Name resolution problems (long)

mwlarsen at mwlarsen at
Tue Sep 15 13:09:20 GMT 1998

I've been trying to get Samba running on a small (two machine) home
network.  My requirements are:

     Linux server configured for local IP network and Samba services
provider for Win 95 machine
     Dial-up connetivity to ISP with the Linux box
     Packet forwarding and IP masq so the 95 machine can browse through the
Linux box

I've tried a multitude of things, but finally settled on setting up my
Linux and Win 95 machines as an internal network using hosts tables, i.e.
KebMo (Linux box) is and JLHooker (Win 95 box) is
I'm pointing at my ISP's name server for internet name services when dialed
up.  The Linux box can ping the Win 95 box, and vice versa, using host
names or IP addresses.  The Linux box has dial-up access to the internet
without problems.  The Samba server appears to function properly per the
troubleshooting doc at up to "Test 8".

Then it fails, no matter what.  I've tried turning on the "Wins server"
option in smb.conf and Wins resolution on the 95 box, pointing at (no joy), I've tried using lmhosts files on the 95 box (no joy);
I've tried configuring DNS services on the Linux box and using DNS name
resolution on the 95 box (no joy); I've even tried modifying the Samba
source so that nmbd looks at "KebMo" and "" instead of
"localhost" and "" and recompiling (no joy).  Nothing works.  It
seems like Samba always wants to address "localhost" and "", even
if I modify the source to the contrary.  No matter what, I get to step 8,
and the 95 box always returns "Error 53: Can't find referenced computer" or
something to that effect.  The error is number 53, always.

I've RTFMed everything I can find, and everything always says that if
lmhosts or Wins don't fix the problem, there's something fundamentally
wrong with my naming services or convention, and it's "beyond the scope of
this document".  Where can I find a document that is within this scope?
All help is deeply appreciated.


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