can samba be a wins server as well as use a wins server

George Gallen ggallen at
Tue Sep 15 14:51:08 GMT 1998

We are using samba as daemons and not via inetd.

Currently, we have our Digital Unix system setup to use the WINS server
on an NT system (which runs the PC network). This works fine.

I want to setup a group of PC's (using a different workgroup), can
the samba server act as a WINS server for this group, but not act
as a WINS server for it's own workgroup? I don't wan't to use the
NT for these PC's (in case the NT network goes down, these PC's will
still need to share data..The unix machine is not directly on the
NT network, so it would be able to connect to these PC with the
NT network down).

Do I need to run a second instance of samba, using a different
configuration file and different log locations? Or is there a way
to setup the samba server to only act as a WINS server if the 
primary (NT) server is down?

Lastly, can the samba server on the Digital Unix machine be in
two different workgroups? would I just say 
WORKGROUP = name1, name2?

The digital Unix samba is p16. Would upgrading the p19 allow the

George Gallen
ggallen at

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