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Rob Wilson rawilson at
Wed Sep 16 23:15:52 GMT 1998

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Date: 16/9/98 10:54
From: sjgray at
Rob - can you please forward this to the list for me.

We are running samba and using it to map to accounts on a Digital Unix 4.0B 

Because we use clustering we have to have two sets of accounts - one 
with the uppercase name and one with the same name but lowercase (it's a bit compilcated - but this is what we have!)

Samba seems to try lowercase by default when mapping then uppercase. 
This means it is trying to map to the wrong account.
For instance if we have USER1 and user1 as accounts on the same 
And do a net use Z: \\host\USER1 passwd /USER:USER1
This actually tries to map to \\host\user1

Does anyone know of a way to force it to use uppercase with both 
accounts present?

Sue Gray
sjgray at

Network Analyst

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