PAM_pwdb: 1 authorization failure for samba service

yusuf G yusufg8 at
Wed Sep 16 18:40:42 GMT 1998


i'm in the process of doing a 1st time set up of a samba server and i've 
gone through a lot of documentation.
running redhat 4.2 kernel 2.0.34, samba 1.9.16p113-rh.

yeah yeah yeah i know it's old but i'm experimenting and getting my feet 
wet. however, when i 'tail -f /var/log/messages', i always see the 
message regarding PAM_pwdb. the effect is i can't see anything in any 
subdirectories below a share. for example in my home dir i've created a 
sub-dir placed a file in it. i go to win -explorer expecting to see the 
sub-dir and file and pehaps open it. when i double click on the folder, 
windows returns "the folder does not exist" even though it was picked up 
by the the explorer.

to complicate it a bit, i've logged on to the console as myself and 
created a sub-dir in my home at the unix level, gone back to 
win-explorer and it tells me the same thing. 

well when this happened i thought to myself, 'self, upgrade to the 
latest version.' same results. iv'e gone through much documentation 
practically the entire set of samba digests. 

i would think this is an easy fix but you all probally know best. if you 
have any ideas, suggestions, or direction pleas let me know.


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