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Tue Sep 15 02:40:52 GMT 1998

Hi samba list members,

Firstly, I've been using Samba for some while now and would to thank the
Samba team for such a brilliant effort. I've got a Samba server running on a
Linux box for a client (around 25-30 users) which has been running nearly
90 days now without any serious hitches at all.
The client is incredibly impressed, over the moon, etc ... so it's
probably time to pay up my pizza :)

Secondly, i having been looking lately at the possibility of adding IPX
support to Samba (for my own purposes). We are lucky under Linux to have
IPX support, and I was wondering how feasible it would be to modify
Samba (or at the very, very least, just smbclient) to use it, ala, what
Microsoft calls NBIPX.

I have read (somewhere) in the past that Samba over IPX isn't really
a useful concept to most people. I know i'm not the only person to
ask about it though - even the Samba documentation mentions that there
have been requests in the past for NetBEUI support (although I don't know
of many non-Microsoft operating systems that support it). I have this
nagging feeling that IPX support should be done (for completeness' sake).
Maybe im way off target here and someone could correct me.

I'm aware that there's a book from X/Open about SMB, but documentation on
Microsoft's NBIPX and Novell's implementations seem a bit scarce on the
ground. If there is anyone on this list who may have information that could be of
use to me, I would love to hear from them. If anyone else thinks this
idea is seriously flawed, and can discourage me from trying, I'd like to
hear from them too. 


Daniel Morriss
Simplicity Information Technologies 
Email: shem at

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