smbtar multiple machines

Gary Stainburn gary.stainburn at
Fri Sep 11 09:26:42 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I'm just looking at using smbtar to backup the Win95 PC's on my network, and would like usability ideas please.

The tape drive I intend to use is in our RS6000 and has a capacity of 20GB before compression which means that I will be able to fit plenty of PC's onto one tape as all the PC's have <3GB HD's on them.

The problem I have is how do I get multiple tar's onto one tape?  I could tar them all to disk, and then put them all onto tape as one big tar file but then I would need 20+GB of disk space which would be expensive and wasteful.  

The tapes are £50 each, so I don't want to do 1PC -> 1 tape (also unattended backups would be impossible).

If possible I would like the backup of the PC's to be tagged onto the end of the backup of the RS.

Has anyone got any ideas?



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