Problems with smbmount

graham.dodd at graham.dodd at
Fri Sep 11 07:20:37 GMT 1998

Good Morning (well it is here...)

I'm having problems using smbmount to mount a Win95 share to the server.

>From Win95 I can browse the network, map available shares on the server,
copy files to the server....... in other words everything works as

When I try: 
	#smbmount //name/dir temp -Uusername -Ppass -I192.168.1.25 -c client

I get the following:mount failed. Operation not supported on this device

I've tried Upper/Lower case and a number of other options, but all fail with
the same message

If I use smbclient I can see all available shares on the client machine, but
I cannot mount them!!!!  arrgghhh.......

Server is running RH5.0 with Samba 1.9.17.p???? 

Any ideas folks??


Graham K Dodd
Network Systems Analyst
DSN: 480-5670 / 5233
Fax : 480-2332
Email: Graham.Dodd at

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