FrontPage locking

Peter H. Lemieux phl at
Fri Sep 11 06:04:16 GMT 1998

Hi, Eric.

You asked:

> Does the full version of Front Page request locks?   If so, maybe I need
> to purchase it or another html editor that does.

It doesn't use SMB file transactions at all.  Instead it uses GET/PUT http
commands to communicate with a remote server.  Users are authenticated
with a username/password combo and are connected to a "web," MS's 
word for a virtual site rooted to a server directory.

I've never had multiple users authenticated to my Apache+FrontPage server
so I don't know whether locking would be enforced.  However, knowing how
FP works, if it does allow two people to be connected to a site, they
should be able to walk all over each other's work.  Communications in FP
are async; you open a page (with an http GET), work on it, and save it
back to the site with a PUT.  (The server runs proprietary binaries called
"FrontPage extensions" that handle the actual transactions.)  In the
interim anyone else authenticated to author pages could undertake the same

As for samba, read the description of "share modes" (enabled by default)
in the smb.conf man page.  It sounds like it's what you want, though I'm
not positive.



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