smbmount and NT timestamps

Matthias Luhn m.luhn at
Thu Sep 10 17:28:45 GMT 1998

Matthew Chapman wrote:
> When I mount a W95/98 drive and create or modify files, everything is
> groovy.
> When I mount an NT drive and create, modify, or read files (as in,
> them from the NT drive to my own local drive), the dates go crazy.
> Our sysadmin tells me the NT system is NT Server 4.0 Enterprise
> service pack 3.

Hi, Matthew,

I'am glad to find someone with the same problem than I have
right now. I encountered the problem by scanning 6 NT4-Server
shares smbmounted in linux 2.0.33 (CONFIG_SMB_FS=y and
CONFIG_SMB_W95=y in make config; smbmount v2.0.2,
mounted as follows: smbmount //server/share directory -I IP)
with McAfee's uvscan for Linux. Doing this I screwed up
timestamps of thousands of files. It's a nightmare for me
and the programmers, which have to correct at least the
distributions which will be shipped to our customers.

By the way - this happens with both - NT4 Enterprise Server
and NT4 Standard Server with Service Pack 3 applied. I did not
tried this under Win95 or Win98 ...

Did you receive any replys with helpful information ?
Does anybody else encountered such a problem ?

Matthias Luhn
Leiter System

Phoenix Software GmbH
Adolph-Hombitzer Strasse 12
53227 Bonn

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