Slow/interrupted printing

Sean E. Millichamp sean at
Thu Sep 10 16:36:59 GMT 1998

Hello everyone,

One of my clients is experiencing *very* slow printing and in certain
circumstances interrupted printing from a Windows 95 OSR2 workstation to a
Samba 1.9.18p10 server.  The workstation is setup with server-stored
profiles, desktop, etc.

The user is trying to print large, graphics & color intensive Powerpoint
presentation.  It takes 10-20 minutes to spool about half the file (about
6 MB) and then it just dies on the workstation side saying that the
printer is no longer available on the network.

It generally works if the user only sends a couple pages at a time (the
get under the about 6 MB mark where it dies).  It is still terribly slow

At my site printing is extremely fast and we are running a very similar
configuration.  And I can send hundreds of page print jobs well above
20 MB without a problem.  The only big difference is that my site isn't
using roaming profiles.

Does anyone have any thoughts or pointers on getting this to work better
before I tear the whole thing apart and figure out what's different
between the two setups?  Does the use of roaming profiles cause any
printer issues?  I am unfortunatley not in a position to easily test that
theory right now.


 Sean E. Millichamp, Consultant
 Ingematics - A Division of Compu-Aid, Inc.

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