Babelfish and a Samba printing problem.

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Sep 10 14:21:22 GMT 1998

I asked:
Franca Vercellone wrote:
> > Could you say why the command is in crontab?  Babelfish thinks
> > you wanted it to restart after reboot.
> >
> >
Franca Vercellone wrote:
> yes, because after reboot the printer shared by samba doesn't work 
> and if > I made by hand the stop and the start of the process , all
>  things work well. > If I don't made it , only the printers doesn't
> print instead the directory shared work well. I try to made this
>  automatically putting in the crontab the server shutdown on
>  wensday..and the start at 7.30 of the monday.
> But it resolve nothing , and I don't know why ....

	I'm not sure, but I'd look at the ``guest'' user
	first.  The account used by samba as guest must
	be able to print: sometimes the ``nobody'' account
	can't, and you have to use a different account for

	Can anyone else help???

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