Babelfish and a Samba printing problem.

Herb Lewis herb at
Thu Sep 10 15:10:16 GMT 1998

David Collier-Brown wrote:
>         I'm not sure, but I'd look at the ``guest'' user
>         first.  The account used by samba as guest must
>         be able to print: sometimes the ``nobody'' account
>         can't, and you have to use a different account for
>         guest.
>         Can anyone else help???

When I've seen this problem in the past it has been solved by using
full path names for the print commands in smb.conf. When samba is
started by files in rc3.d the search path is not correct so the 
commands are not found. When you start it my typing
/etc/init.d/sambaserver start
you have the printer commands in your search path so all works.
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