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Mark McCleary mmcclear at
Thu Sep 10 14:15:15 GMT 1998

    Well my current situation is as follows : 

     I have 2 ( 1 Windows NT 4.0 , 1 Debian 2.0 Linux kernel 2.0.35 ) systems in which i'm trying to access resources of both through smb. Following all the basic tests, and the ability to connect to both system's shares works fine... However, when i try to use the utility smbmount, following all the proper directions provided on the Samba Web Pages and the man pages for the utilities, i run into a problem trying to mount a share from the NT 4.0 Machine under linux. After successfully connecting using smbmount, and then trying to mount the drive directly from there. I receive an error : smb_read_super : invalid data argument.. ??????????? If anyone has any input on what i'm doing wrong, or the correct solution to mounting a smb share correctly PLEASE email me. = )


Mark McCleary
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