Babelfish and a Samba printing problem.

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Sep 10 13:39:43 GMT 1998

You wrote, and babelfish almost translated:
|  HAVE a ser]ious problem. Every time that the server on which
| I installed shaped samba reboots, printing from samba fails
| It's enough to say
|	/etc/init.d/sambaserver stop 
|	/etc/init.d/sambaserver start
| and all fails  
|  I put that command in crontab in order to restartart the 
| processes a minute after that the server had gone up... 
| but the server does not have by hand prorpio to be made.

Could you say why the command is in crontab?  Babelfish thinks
you wanted it to restart after reboot.  

il babelfish dice 
Potreste dire perchè il comando è nel crontab? Babelfish pensa che lo
abbiate desiderato ricominciare dopo reboot. 


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