Configuring POP/IMAP clients -- ideas?

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Wed Sep 9 10:43:31 GMT 1998

Daryl L. Biberdorf wrote:
> I'm a new Samba administrator. One of the issues we have is that of
> supporting
> a general purpose computer lab of 20 workstations (all running Windows
> 95).
> When a student logs in, in addition to establishing policies and
> restoring
> their personal settings, I would like to establish their POP/IMAP
> client and web browser information. This would include their username,
> their real name, POP/IMAP server, SMTP server, reply-to address,
> web proxy address, home page, etc. I'd like to do this from the very
> beginning. I'd like to avoid explaining to a largely technologically-
> illiterate group how to configure their mail reader (some of them will
> be new to Windows 95).
> We're planning to use Netscape 4.06 (or higher) for both mail and web
> browsing, largely because it is free of charge AND is IMAP-capable.
> Is anyone else doing anything similar? How are you handling it?

I'm building it right now, it almost seems to work.

1.- I created a profile with netscape that's called default and that
  to the user's directory in the server. mounted in L:  :  L:\default
  The profile must be called default, the directory not.

2.- copy the default directory to all the users home directory in the

3.- The file in the server : default/prefs.js holds the preferences
  of the user. You can do a script that substitutes the mail address
  for every user.

4.- Make the profiles directory be in the server (that's explained in
the docs)
  that's not mandatory but it's better for my users because they can log
  any workstation and work the same.

The only problem I have is that the first time the user enters in the
she has to map manually the L: drive to her home dir in the server.
Maybe I'll
copy the profiles of all the user in the server the way I do with the
directory but it'll be nice to have it mapped by default.

Hope this helps.

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