Configuring POP/IMAP clients -- ideas?

Milivoj Ivkovic mi at
Wed Sep 9 09:12:15 GMT 1998

>When a student logs in, in addition to establishing policies and
>their personal settings, I would like to establish their POP/IMAP
>client and web browser information. This would include their username, 
>their real name, POP/IMAP server, SMTP server, reply-to address,
>web proxy address, home page, etc. I'd like to do this from the very 
>beginning. I'd like to avoid explaining to a largely technologically-
>illiterate group how to configure their mail reader (some of them will 
>be new to Windows 95).
>We're planning to use Netscape 4.06 (or higher) for both mail and web
>browsing, largely because it is free of charge AND is IMAP-capable.
>Is anyone else doing anything similar? How are you handling it?

I'm using Eudora. Maybe you can find a similar approach with Netscape.

In the login script, I map H: to the user's home dir. on the server.

In H:, there is an Email directory.

Eudora is launched with "D:\Eudora\Eudora.exe H:\Email", so it reads it's
.ini file from H:\Email\Eudora.ini. I prepare these files for new users
from a template.


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