Configuring POP/IMAP clients -- ideas?

Daryl L. Biberdorf darylb at
Wed Sep 9 02:55:59 GMT 1998

I'm a new Samba administrator. One of the issues we have is that of
a general purpose computer lab of 20 workstations (all running Windows
When a student logs in, in addition to establishing policies and
their personal settings, I would like to establish their POP/IMAP
client and web browser information. This would include their username, 
their real name, POP/IMAP server, SMTP server, reply-to address,
web proxy address, home page, etc. I'd like to do this from the very 
beginning. I'd like to avoid explaining to a largely technologically-
illiterate group how to configure their mail reader (some of them will 
be new to Windows 95).

We're planning to use Netscape 4.06 (or higher) for both mail and web
browsing, largely because it is free of charge AND is IMAP-capable.

Is anyone else doing anything similar? How are you handling it?

Thanks in advance for any information.

Daryl Biberdorf
darylb at

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