Connecting to Samba through Windows 95

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I realise this does not answer your question (I'm not sure how to
specify a different user name in win 95), but it might get you going.

You can specify a user name map in Samba that tells it to map the client
user name to a user name on the Samba server. Perhaps you could just map
the user names that people are using on Windows 95 to the user names you
use on your Samba server?

We are using server security (validating against an NT server), and
someone (in their infinite) wisdom keeps assigning different user names
for our NT servers, and our Sun servers (we are running Samba on Sun
machines). In this situation, the user name map is quite handy.

            - Ben Kelley.

> I have setup Samba on our Solaris server with user based security
> (though the usernames on the Solaris box differ from our NT/Win95
> usernames).  Everything seems to work well when I connect from an NT
> client (4.0) since it asks for a "connect as" string (username), but
> on 95, I cannot seem to specify a username (and therefore cannot gain
> access to the server).
> Is there anyway around this?  Can I specify a username/password
> combination in the password field?
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