failed to set socket options

John Lusk lusk at
Fri Sep 4 12:49:51 GMT 1998

"HB" == Hank Burton <wburton at> writes:

  HB> Samba Users:

  HB> We have Samba v1.9. and are having a small difficulty with the
  HB> "socket options" and "??? timeout" parameters. When we set it to
  HB> ?TCP_NODELAY, our log file indicates "Failed to set socket
  HB> option TCP_NODELAY". This also happened on an earlier version of
  HB> Samba as well. Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a
  HB> solution?

I had a vaguely similar problem on DG/UX, which turned out to be an
#include problem.  I had to #include netinet/tcp.h.  You might want to
grep the Samba sources for TCP_NODELAY; its usage is surrounded by an
#ifdef.  Put an #error directive inside the #ifdef and recompile, to
see if the compiler is even seeing that TCP_NODELAY usage.


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