failed to set socket options

Hank Burton wburton at
Thu Sep 3 17:07:29 GMT 1998

Samba Users:

We have Samba v1.9. and are having a small difficulty with the "socket
options" and "??? timeout" parameters. When we set it to ?TCP_NODELAY,
our log file indicates "Failed to set socket option TCP_NODELAY". This
also happened on an earlier version of Samba as well. Has anyone else
had a similar problem and found a solution?

Also, when setting "keepalive", the log file contained "Failed to set
socket option SO_KEEPALIVE".

I began investingating our Samba configuration after determining that
the throughput is much less (50%) of that indicated in the Samba
documetation "speed" files.

Increasing the debug level to a hire value did indicate in the nmbd log
that ports 137 and 138 did bind successfully, but there was no mention
of port 139, which the Samba documentation I have read indicates that
this port is used by Samba.

Any suggestions on how we can get the "socket options" and "??? timeout"
to work would be greatly appreciated.

The network adapter is an NE2000 in a 486DX2-66 with 16MB RAM. We are
having a similar problem with an NE2000 in a PPro system.

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