IBM 4039 Laserprinter. Weird problem.

Philip Tong ptmc at
Wed Oct 28 01:32:21 GMT 1998

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From: Peter Blake <ppb at>
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Date: 27 October, 1998 10:00 PM
Subject: Re: IBM 4039 Laserprinter. Weird problem.

>Check that your lp script/program is sending a form feed - >many printers
>won't start the print until this is received to indicate that >the whole
page has been sent.

Thanks for the reply Peter. Whet you are refering to is that the printer
buffer will be holding on to the data until a FF is sent. The strange thing
here is that the jobs are queued but not sent at all. If a job was in the
buffer and if I switch off the printer and on it again usually garbage will
be printed, but this is a bit different. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I think it could be hardware related.

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