W95 and no update from samba shares

Wolfgang Brungert wbr at newton.msro.DeTeMobil.de
Wed Oct 28 08:06:36 GMT 1998


i have a annoying problem that drives me crazy. 
We have set up a Digital/Unix box with samba and the clients (W95) can mount 
the shares from this box. On the Unix side we create a textfile which will be 
periodically (or not) appended with new data. A Application on the W95 side 
reads this file.

The Problem is, that the textfile has new lines, the Application don't see 
them !!!

To make the Situation confusing: 
If i use edit.com in a dos box i can see the new lines !!
If i use notepad.exe i don't see the new lines !??!

Has anyone a idea how to solve this ????

Many Thanks,
Wolfgang Brungert

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