smbtar question?

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Thu Oct 22 10:34:21 GMT 1998

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> From: "Paul L. Lussier" <plussier at BayNetworks.COM>
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> Subject: smbtar question?
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> I want to move a filesystem off of my NT server over to my Network
> Appliance NFS server to then be shared via Samba.  I assume the easiest
> way to accomplish this would be to use smbtar.  Do I then
> use smbtar to extract the tar file I create with smbtar, or, can I use
> gnutar?  Does it matter?  Am I safer sticking with smbtar?
> I'm guessing that since smbtar is a wrapper around smbclient, that there
> might be some magic in the smbclient portion of it.  Though, just doing
> a quick tar tvf of the tar.out file appears to work properly.

I've had some very negative experiences with smbtar lately. (See my message  
of 7 Oct 98, with Subject: smbtar skips files, why?). I have not had a reply  
yet, but judging from previous problems with smbtar, my impression is that it  
isn't really supported. In my case it skips regular files/directories  
without reason or without error message, and smbtar has no option available  
to include hidden/system files.

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