Cannot write on share

Mariani Alberto dec0077 at
Thu Oct 22 09:20:24 GMT 1998


Maybe it is a FAQ, but i've got some problem with mi samba installation:
i edited the smb.conf file to create some shares, one for each partition
of the disk of the linux box (all of these are mounted at boot in /c, /d,
etc.) plus two shares for my cdroms and one for the zip drive (/cdron
/cdscsi /zip); each of these directories has permissions set to rwxrwxrwx
and i enabled guest account (guest account = nobody), enabled nobody
username in /etc/passwd, set create mode = 0777, set public = yes, read
only= no, writeable=yes browseable= yes: still i can't write to the shares
(not to the cd-roms, of course :-)).

Where do am I making it wrong ? I don't understand.

Second problem: i've two pc with, respectively, linux and win98, linux and
NT 4.0 ws: if i use win98 and linux, in Network Neighborhood i see all
machines: dragon (w98) and www(linux box with samba); good.
Instead, if i use Win NT and Linux i see only www(NT) and not
dragon(linux) and can reach dragon only finding it with find computers
Again i don't understand why.
Maybe it has some to do with samba on dragon being set to be the primary
wins server for NT, but i'm not sure.

Thanks in advande,

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