SAMBA digest 1851

Robert robert at
Thu Oct 22 13:53:48 GMT 1998

thanks .. an oversight on my part.. with the mx=0 now changed to :mx#0:
however the problem still exists...
everything works fine if I do not try to remove the spool file 
with the print command ...
ie currently print command = lp -d%p %s 
this works great but spool file stays ...
I have tried the following :
lpr -b -P%p %s    <-standard lpr complains about file too large..even
when logged in as root and printing from command line.(expected)

lp -c -d%p %s;rm %s  <-spools fine but is removed before the whole job
is printed (only get the first few pages)

lp -d%p %s  <- works great but spool file is not removed.

thanks for your input...
any other clues would be greatly appreciated... 
thanks in advance 

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