printing LARGE files

Robert robert at
Wed Oct 21 13:55:47 GMT 1998

hey thanks for the responses!!
I tried the suggestions..
The disk is not running out of space it is only at 1% when the spool
file is present.
I am running freeBSD 2.2.6 without disk quotas and without print quotas.
About printing from the command line.. I did not print from the same
users account (they only have samba accounts their shell is passwd)but I
will change one of them and give it a try...
I changed the spool settings on the win95 client to "print directly to
port and RAW" this had no change in effect.
The following occurs:
I will begin a print job on the client and as it is printing (about 4-5
minutes) I will sit in the /var/spool/samba directory and keep doing an
"ll" to see the size of the file, It grows and grows depending on the
print job (last one was exactly 1802240) and then presto it is gone in
an instant, it was shipped off to the lp spooler I guess at which time
it prints about 6 or 7 pages and stops. (I am sending a font file about
900k before the job).
I have set :mx=0: in the printcap file. no change.
printcap is as follows:
	:lp=:rm=hp5si:rp=PORT_1: \
	:sd=/var/spool/lpd/hp5si: \
	:lf=/var/log/lpd/hp5si: \

just for reference I can print this same file to dare I say the Novell
server that I am trying to replace and everything goes fine.(this queue
is connected to the same jetdirect card "asp").
sorry to be so long winded just wanted to give some background..
thanks again for the responses and 
thanks in advance for any further clues into this matter..

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