It's just stopped working! (1.9.18p8, IRIX 5.3)

Mac dmccann at
Wed Oct 21 14:03:54 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I'm extremely puzzled by the behaviour of one of my Samba servers.  It's
been working fine for yonks, and this morning (abuout 11:32) it just
stopped. (mostly)

Connecting to shares still works.  Navigating the tree till works.
Changing (DOS) attributes still works.

But actually opening files and reading the contents doesn't work.

The client just times out (Win 3.11, and NT4.0) or hangs (smbclient)

This problem occurs in 'user' and 'share' mode security.

I've rebooted the UNIX box.  I've restarted Samba (smbd and nmbd) more
times than I care to note.  They are the same binaries that I'm using on
two other IRIX machines.

A level 3 log shows this:-

1998/10/21 14:00:19 Transaction 17 of length 81
switch message SMBopenX (pid 909)
chdir to /
chdir to /usr/local/www/sites/
unix_clean_name [./README.TXT]
unix_clean_name [README.TXT]
Allocated new file_fd_struct 0, dev = ffffffff, inode = ffffffff
1998/10/21 14:00:19 dmccann opened file README.TXT read=Yes write=No (numopen=1 fnum=47)
set_share_mode: Created share record for README.TXT (dev 786433 inode 106029)
set_share_mode: Created share entry for README.TXT with mode 0x0 pid=909
1998/10/21 14:00:19 Transaction 18 of length 55
switch message SMBreadbraw (pid 909)
chdir to /
chdir to /usr/local/www/sites/

and that's it.  It just stops at that point.  The client makes a new
connection next time. (and the same thing happens again). I'd expect to
see a line like this (stolen from another logfile) :-

1998/10/21 14:03:38 readbraw fnum=47 cnum=16 start=0 max=4096 min=0 nread=16

I've ramped the debug level up as far as 5, and apart from telling me
that it's un_becoming and then becoming the correct user it's got
nothing of use.

The permissions on the actual files are fine, as I can 'more' them (as
the correct user) whilst interactively logged in.

The really odd thing about all this (apart from the fact that it's been
working fine for ages) is that it only happens to files in the path
/usr/local/www/sites/ (and similar).
If I change the path to /tmp, everything works fine.

Could this be anything to do with the fact that '/usr/local' is NFS
mounted?  I can't see how, since the files are readable interactively.


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