Auto-restart/auto-shutdown feature idea

Steve Fosdick steve.fosdick at
Tue Oct 20 16:54:18 GMT 1998

Here are some thoughts about a possible enhancement to samba.  Let me
know what yuou think.

Whenever I want to re-start samba, for example to upgrade it, there
always seem to be people logged in with files open.  It occured to me
therefore that an auto-restart feature may be useful.

To implement this though we need to know when it is safe to re-start

    1.  When there are no locked files?

    2.  When there are no open files?

    3.  When there are no connections?

On detecting whichever of these conditions is best samba would need to
shut itself down and finish by exec'ing a user specified script
(specified in smb.conf?) which may finish by starting up samba again.

Could anyone estimate how difficult this would be to implement? - if it
isn't too difficult I don't mind having a go.

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