connection limits and NT connection retries

Steve Fosdick steve.fosdick at
Tue Oct 20 17:03:37 GMT 1998

I have observed that when an NT client finds a samba connection
unresponsive (e.g. it is on an HSM filesystem and files are having to be
fetched back from MO disk) it will leave that connection open a second
connection to the same service, and retry the request on the new

Without a "max connections" limit in place this can cause the samba
service to overflow kernel tables (e.g. file table) and cause the whole
machine to be quite unusable.

I have put in a "max connections" (per service) limit to try to avoid
this but would be interested to hear how difficult people think it would
be to be implement other types of connection limit:

  1.  maximum total connections overall?

  2.  maximum connections from any one client?

As in my last request, if this is simple enough I may be able to do it.
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