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Fri Oct 16 16:56:23 GMT 1998

On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, David Collier-Brown wrote:

> You wrote:
> | Over the last summer we took our home dir / applications servers for
> the
> | 330 Win95 PCs that they service and attempted to replace them with a
> | single AlphaServer 8200 (Digital Unix (OSF/1), Samba, 4GB RAM,
> 2x525Mhz cpus).
> | The results were *not* good
> 	I can help, a bit:  I have a small performance model I use
> 	for sizing, and can make a back-of-envelope estimate based
> 	on
> 		cpu type and number
> 		bus type
> 		number of ethernets and speed
> 		number of scsi controllers
> 		number of disks on each of the above controllers.
> 	Can you send me (and others who want to help) that sort of info?
> 	It's genuinely unusual that Samba is bottlenecking on cpu:
> 	most people have far more than they do disk bandwidth
> 	I promise to report back to the group.

CPU type: EV56 (21164A) (2 of them, running at 625Mhz, I was incorrect
Bus Type: PCI, SCSI subsystem is FW (2 HSZ70's into an ESA10000)
Ethernets: 5 cards (4 at 100Mbps Full Duplex, 1 at 10Mps Half Duplex)
SCSI Controllers: 1 (for the HSZ70), 1 for a CDROM tower, 1 for System
Disc and swap.
# of discs:
	On the ESA10000, we house 24 9GB drives set up in 3 RAID5 sets,
	there are 3 discs in a "failover set".

	6 CDROM drives on it's own SCSI bus.

	The System disc is 4GB, swap is split across 3 2GB discs on the
	same bus.

Hope this helps.

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