Performance (and other) problems

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Fri Oct 16 16:25:40 GMT 1998

You wrote:
| Over the last summer we took our home dir / applications servers for
| 330 Win95 PCs that they service and attempted to replace them with a
| single AlphaServer 8200 (Digital Unix (OSF/1), Samba, 4GB RAM,
2x525Mhz cpus).
| The results were *not* good

	I can help, a bit:  I have a small performance model I use
	for sizing, and can make a back-of-envelope estimate based
		cpu type and number
		bus type
		number of ethernets and speed
		number of scsi controllers
		number of disks on each of the above controllers.

	Can you send me (and others who want to help) that sort of info?
	It's genuinely unusual that Samba is bottlenecking on cpu:
	most people have far more than they do disk bandwidth

	I promise to report back to the group.

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